Papers - This series of works are some of my earliest. They represent early experiments with digital art creation. They are printed on either 285 gram art paper or 7-mil photo paper depending on the desired color results. Most are issued in editions of 200. All are available unframed. Click on the image to see this collection.
Canvas - This is currently a small collection of works printed on 7 oz. canvas. The first four pieces are limited to an edtion of 10. Subsequent works are one of a kind. These pieces are available gallery wrapped on heavy duty stretchers. Click on the image to see this collection.
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Metal - This is another small collection of works. These pieces are fusion printed on aluminum. They are offered in a limited edition of 10 each. They can be had either unframed or with a "hidden mount" that allows the piece to float off the wall. Click on the image to see this colllection.
Drymount - This is a collection of some of my latest work. Each piece is printed on 285 gram art paper and then drymounted to black foam board which is back beveled. A simple wooden bracket allows them to float off the wall. All of the pieces are some module of 1ft., with the majority of them sized at 1ft. by 1ft. These pieces are one of a kind.
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